7 reasons why Online Postgraduate Degree Programmes are more relevant today than ever

Are you thinking of furthering your studies but have work or family commitments that prevent you from studying full-time on campus?

A 100% online Postgraduate Degree programme from an established university might just be the answer for you.
While being on a university campus might provide you with access to physical facilities, many adult learners find it a challenge to uproot themselves for a year or two to further their education. Doing so may also come with significant opportunity costs for your career or business.

Online Postgraduate Degree programmes allow you to further your studies without being limited by a physical location and class timings. As an online student, you can continue with your busy life and family commitments, while still gaining the knowledge and skills to advance your career.

The online study market has bloomed rapidly in recent years. According to the eLearning Industry website, it is projected that the global online learning market is worth some US$165 billion in 2016, while a report by research firm Ambient Insight revealed that self-paced e-learning in Asia will skyrocket across all countries in the sub-continent, reaching US12.1 billion in 2018 and impacting millions of learners.

Due to the advancement of technology, more and more people are turning to online avenues to upgrade their skills. The value of an online education is also increasingly recognised by industry professionals. In a survey by online institution Excelsior College and Zogby International, 83 percent of executives polled think that an online degree is as credible as one earned through a traditional campus-based programme. However, the quality of the programme and the credibility of the university are key influencing factors, as stated in this CNN article. It is, therefore, crucial to research the background of the university before embarking on a degree or graduate programme.

Benefits of studying an online Postgraduate Degree programme

The personal and professional benefits from studying an online postgraduate degree programme are multi-fold. Here are five key benefits.

1. Grow your skills and advance your career

Due to the flexibility of online Postgraduate Degree programmes, you can tailor your studies around your existing work or family commitments. With proper planning and due consideration to the amount of time required for each module, you can upgrade your skills and knowledge to secure better career prospects and growth.

2. Learn at your own pace

You can choose when to study, leveraging your most energetic periods of the day (or night). More importantly, you can study at a pace that best suits your individual learning preferences and lifestyle needs.

3. Enjoy easy access to world-class academics

Although your course instructors may be based overseas, they are just an email or Skype chat away. If you encounter any problems or have questions, just raise them to your tutor and they will be glad to provide help and guidance.

4.Benefit from a collaborative virtual learning environment

While there may be less face-to-face interaction in an online learning environment, students who are more introverted in nature may find it more comfortable and less intimidating to interact with fellow classmates in online discussion groups or class chats.

There are usually opportunities to participate in online workshops where you will be guided to work together with peers on:

  • Role-playing challenges
  • Problem-based scenarios
  • Case studies, including team analysis
  • Gamification and facilitated peer discussion
  • Real-world simulations and industry engagement

5. Improve your ability to work autonomously and creatively

A rigorous online Postgraduate Degree programme will stretch your ability to work autonomously and creatively. As you will be working on a variety of real-life scenarios and problem-based approaches, you will be challenged to think critically and independently to derive innovative solutions.

6. Broaden your international experience

Today’s business marketplace is more interconnected than ever. With an online Postgraduate Degree programme, you will be able to build your network with of like-minded peers with an international cohort of students hailing from a variety of industries. Some programmes even offer opportunities for international immersion.

7. Access online resources and study materials

With the help of technology, course materials are readily accessible online, and many case studies, videos, and research papers can also be accessed at any time of the day.

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The programme will be delivered online and taught by international faculty members comprising business leaders and industry experts. It comprises 100% coursework – everything you learn will be based on real-world lessons and experiences, delivered through various platforms such as case studies and problem-based scenarios. You will also gain access to a global network of other high achievers from diverse professional backgrounds.

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