From manager to leader

Murdoch University’s Executive Master in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation is transforming aspiring managers into inspiring leaders.

The role of the leader has changed. Effective leadership is no longer about demonstrating technical prowess or managing disciplines of human resources, marketing, finance or sales. Stepping up into a leadership role is about keeping your followers engaged in the mission, charting a new course in a world of uncertainty, adopting technologies and innovating business models – all of which must define the creation of a human-centred product design or service experience.

Murdoch University’s new Executive Master programme will support you on this journey by not only building your capability but also helping you to nurture integration, collaboration and effective change management to advance individual and team performance in today’s globally connected business world.

This is the inspiration for Murdoch’s Executive Master in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation (EMLSI).

Dr Chris Vas, Academic Director, says, ‘Today, leaders need to think and work globally. Innovation and integration are now leadership imperatives that lead us to ask business, government and academia the question: “What kind of development do the leaders of tomorrow actually need?”’

The EMLSI programme has been created from the ground up, after consulting with more than 200 professionals in the Australasia region. The EMLSI has been designed for aspiring leaders from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors across the Asia-Pacific.

Beginning in May 2017, the programme offers an activity-based, technology-enabled curriculum that caters for busy executives who do not have the time to attend face-to-face learning. The nine modules across the three themes of leadership, strategy and innovation – called the ‘EMLSI Learning’ – will be delivered over 12 months by Murdoch University’s world-class faculty.

The ‘EMLSI Application’ (completed in three months) will include the International Immersion and Capstone projects. Murdoch is continuing its search for live organisational problems from industry partners for students to work on as part of the Capstone project. As a member of the cohort, you could choose to travel to Murdoch’s nodes in Singapore or Dubai for the International Immersion segment, or consider working with our programme partner in Germany – Steinbeis University in Berlin.

Finally, allowing for flexibility and delivering value to you and your organisation, you are able to undertake individual modules as required. Adopting the interactive online delivery approach, you are able to continue your professional and family life uninterrupted, for the most part, while having the benefit of engaging with a global cohort with whom you will share professional experiences and create new networks.

The EMLSI programme will transform you from a manager into a leader.

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Source: Forge Magazine Australia

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